Sunday, April 26, 2009

making belgian waffles, out of real Belgians.

Share in my break boredom!

He never got a gun, I ran out of space. He did get a sick 'stache though.

More Sketchbook, the bottom one is the Incredibles at War, fighting Nazi's and protecting democracy.

An old painting of a '50-something ford F-100. I like hot rods. Acrylic on plywood.

A tighter painting from comp. and painting. Probably the best one I did, never 100% finished despite being a 2 week pose. Oil 14"x18".

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Big One.

A melody of term 2 work, and one that is not. If you're looking at this; well done. You've found the one hidden gem of the internet.

This paintings about a year old, acrylic on wood.

Illustration project from David Luce's comp. and painting. He said it was a really good stereotype of a terrorist, minus the muppet-like hand.

Another Illustration project form comp. and painting. Never really felt it was 100% finished, but I'm certainly done with it now.

Last painting from comp. and painting. Was sad that class was ending, felt I was beginning to get a grasp on oils and my painting skills were improving. Oils 14"x18".

Oh yes, the Design 2 abstraction project. A fun thing to do. I did the velociraptor in full nerd mode, watched a little Jurassic Park to get in the right mindset. Welded sheet metal. 

Gotta get it up.

More sketchbook stuff. No one on the planet has views this blog as of me posting anything from here down. I expect it to explode in popularity soon and to be everyones homepage. 

Never can have too much Batman, unless George Clooney is in it. 

Is this working right?

Second attempt at posting, I'm having image issues.

Fresh out of the new sketchbook. You can never draw too many guns or girls.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Blog lift-off

I've have officially joined the modern age and now I am blogging my progress at Art Center. I'm just getting used to the whole idea of the interweb so this might take me a while.

Acrylic/Oil 14"x18"

Above is a painting I did for David Luce's Comp. and Painting class. I'll have more to post soon, this is the only one I photographed as of right now.